Laguz «The Junior»

An interpretation of a legendary single cut guitar with its own class. The smooth body contour and the rolling neck joint give this guitar a new dimension in feel and play.

This floating relation unifies guitar and player to one single masterpiece with a touch of youth. Laguz «The Junior» is a playful, yet serious guitar. Unlike usual junior models the Laguz features a comfortable belly cut.

Why a Soultool?

Actually the question should read as follows: Why not buy a 10 times cheaper "instrument", which was produced somewhere in nowhere?

So if you really don’t care where your guitar comes from and who built it under what working conditions from whatever materials, you might as well continue here.

You’re still here? Perfect! Then let me tell you what makes a great instrument for me:

  • I use only certified tonewoods coming from reputable sources.
  • Only the very best hardware and electrics are chosen by me personally.
  • A Soultool is made with the utmost passion and dedication entirely by hand.

I am absolutely convinced that the guitar has a soul! That's why I treat every Soultool like my own baby.

Plain and simple: If you want a really cool instrument, then go for a Soutool!

More coming soon!

I've been very busy creating the guitars for this years exhibitions and client orders. So the content for this website unfortunately had to wait.

But my team and I are working hard to provide you with all the information you need as soon as possible!